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Power of turmeric to Boost Immunity with Curcumin in the Time of Viral Infections.

The National Center for Biotechnology Information, (NCBI) U.S. National Library of Medicine, describes turmeric as “The Golden Spice”. Exploring deeper into its Indian roots, it puts out that turmeric has a minimum of 53 different Sanskrit names. Jayanti – one that wins over diseases and Jawarantika – which cures fevers being the most prominent considering […]

Health BENEFITS : Care Golden Milk Turmeric Latte Mix with Saffron & Herbs

Turmeric is a spice found in virtually every kitchen – particularly in Asian countries. This yellow coloured spice is an important ingredient in many curry recipes. It is also used to flavour and colour mustard sauce, butter, and a variety of cheese. This unique condiment finds extensive use in Ayurveda for its medicinal properties – […]

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