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Herbal Green Tea

What is the best time in the day to have green tea?

Some people drink green tea for its antioxidant properties; others drink the brew to lose weight. Yet others consume it as a preventive measure –to ward off – or cure – lifestyle disease. One question that all green tea drinkers ask is –   When should I have my green tea? Anjali Sood – a […]

Ashwagandha – An Ultimate Panacea of all ills

“One obtains longevity, regains youth, gets a sharp memory and intellect and freedom from diseases, gets a lustrous complexion, and strength of a horse.” Ayurveda Scholar – Charaka, 100 BC The name Ashwagandha originated from the Sanskrit words – “ashwa” meaning horse and “gandha”, inspired by the herb’s horsey flavour. Traditionally it is classified as […]

Boost your immunity Naturally to fight against COVID19 with Herbal Green tea

Scared of catching COVID-19 infection? Don’t Be, Care’s Green Tea variant laced with potent Ayurvedic herbs offers preventive cure. Amid the havoc razed by Corona scare around the globe, here is a ray of hope. Even as people are isolating themselves and taking other pro-active, preventive measures to bolster up their immune system against the […]

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