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Chairman Message

Giving the gift AYUS (LIFE) with VEDA (Science)

I begin this message by expressing humble gratitude towards every individual who has partnered our journey of success since 1966: All our loyal customers, experts and medical professionals who have endorsed our products; as well as all our team members who have come together to make the dream of Ban Labs possible.

We began this journey enthused by a desire to serve mankind with authentic, premium quality therapeutic solutions based on time-tested Ayurvedic medicines, and created by science, technology and stringent quality norms.

Today, we take pride in our reputation of producing scientifically designed and clinically proven products, making us a leader in our industry. And yet we are just half way through. We, pledge to continue on this path with further determination and focus on bringing the ancient Ayurvedic knowledge in modern, scientific ways to all human kind.

Strengthening our vision is our continuous investment into building state-of-the-art research centres- accredited by Ministry of Science- Government of India, and the strength our team of experts and endorsers.

Dr. D.K. Patel Chairman


Neeti 'Strategy'

"To have at least one satisfied customer in every home"

Every efforts to be made to become a global household identity recognized for quality consciousness, eco-friendly approach, safety and science-based innovations of Herbal and Ayurvedic remedies that extends a holistic life to each individual.



Brand Guardian

"I never crave for work, nor do I desire kingdom, heaven or rebirth. Let the living beings get rid of sorrows and that's my only wish"

With a philosophy of curing ailments from its root, BAN Parivaar (Family) has come a long way by spreading the knowledge of Ayurveda. Today, with strong support from the medical fraternity, valued trade partners, millions of satisfied customers and, above all, with the blessings of Lord Dwarkadhish, we at BAN Labs continue to strive to build a dream organization.



Vanshavali ‘Company Heritage’

Extracting the best out of nature while working closely with life sciences, BAN Labs is the place where nature cures health and beauty ailments.

With a vision to make Ayurvedic secrets known to every individual, BAN Labs began its journey in 1966 under the Chairmanship of its Founder Dr. D. K. Patel. in the later years, as Mr. Maulesh Ukani, current Managing Director of BAN Labs, took up the mantle of the leadership of this elixir empire, he continued to steer it towards the global platform, besides promoting the core essence of Ayurveda.


Leading Player in

Ayurvedic, Herbal and Cosmetic Products


in Ban Labs Team

Banlabs Always Provide

Best Quality Products

Ban Labs has been led to become a leading player in Ayurvedic, Herbal and cosmetic products by its visionary founder-chairman Dr D K Patel Today, under the continuing guidance of Dr Patel, Ban Labs is a professionally-managed, deemed public limited company. The management, bring to the table the spirit of entrepreneurship and the know-how of professionals, leading the company into newer grounds of development and growth.

With a 4000+ employees, the Ban Labs team comprises of senior management executives with rich experience in the field of product management and human resources, while young and energetic management graduates help establish an effective distribution network. A technically, experienced quality and production skill pool of highly specialized experts, well conversant with modern quality manufacturing concepts, continue to help maintain the high quality standards of Ban products.

With the growth mantra of constant innovation to prevent rather than cure, the Ban Labs team continuously works towards churning out the best quality products and establishing its ultimate vision of having a Ban product in every household.


Vijaya ‘Victories’

For disseminating the knowledge of Ayurveda, BAN Labs has been conferred with the Outstanding Exports Award by the Government of India, besides many other achievements and laurels for facilitating the enormous growth in the field of Ayurveda. The company is also accredited with WHO GMP, GLP, GPP, and ISO.

Dhwaja ‘Brand Identity’

Aiming at having at least one customer in each every house, the BAN brand has gone aggressive with its tagline, Karodon Ne Apnaya, Kya Aapne Aazmaya [accepted by millions. Have u tried?] . Word of mouth, prominent newspapers, magazines, electronic media, Social Media and Below The Line (BTL) activities have been some of the company’s effective vehicles of brand building.

Feathers in our cap

BAN Labs takes pride in being voted among the Top 50 most trusted companies of 2008-09 and 2010 (survey published by Zee Business media channel)

Outstanding Export Award ( 2009-10) by Government of India

Pioneer of a “hair treatment range” designed with the Kshir Pak Vidhi (ancient manufacturing process) for better efficacy of the product.



CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility

Where sustainability of business meets sustainability of society

The very essence of BAN Labs is serving humankind; a philosophy that reflects in its strategies, policies and day-to-day operations. At Ban Labs (P) Ltd., we understand the responsibility and accountability towards society and the environment.

We help to build a healthy and thriving society through various community development activities at BAN Labs, which include ::

  1. Improving health of society: For safeguarding society we participate in food donation camps of the Bolbala Charitable trust, which serves poor people by providing them food and clothes.

  2. Nurturing the future generation:To secure a progressive future we contribute by educating today’s children by providing them scholarships under our Mastermind Scholarship Program.

  3. As a healthcare provider, serving patients is our primary concern. Along with our network of doctor members, we help organize free consultation camps for poor patients. We also help poor patients by bearing the cost of their dialysis treatment at Savani Kidney hospital, Rajkot.

  4. We also offer earning opportunity to senior citizens, housewives and self-employed persons by converting their free time into productive earning time through our Home Distributor concepts.

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