Drink it to Detox the Demons!


Detox water is a new trend today which comes to your rescue if you can not follow a healthy lifestyle. smoking, drinking, Junk food and oily food leads to depositing all the gunk in the body, and flushing toxins our of your body seems a great plan. But what exactly do you need to drink to flush those demons out your body? Here is the answer, following are some of the drinks that would prove to be elixir to your body.

Distilled Water with Apple Cider Vinegar:

Distilled water with just a touch of raw, organic and unpasteurized ACV and some Himalayan Pink salt, it tastes slightly tangy. Acv is the best detoxification potion because it is full of probiotics. It helps maintaining weight and blood sugar levels & it helps in reduction of bad cholesterol to some extent.

Detox Water:

Detox water is the simplest thing to make. All you need to have is few lemon wedges, ginger & cucumber. Add few lemon wedges and ginger chunks to cold water and to it add some diced cucumber and let it sit overnight and voila! In the morning your detox water is ready. Isn’t it a simple one?

Green Smoothie :

Green vegetable have a great impact on our body they have all the essential vitamins needed for the body. If you are obsessed with fiber packed food smoothies can help you here. Don’t strain your veggies and fruits after juicing them and drink it just like it & fibers will help your gut in getting rid of gunk from the body.

Aloevera Juice :

It has weight loss properties It has a gentle mild laxative effect & also helps improve gut health. You can grind it in mixture jar after peeling the outer skin and mix it with water and drink it. You can limit this consumption to 4 table spoon only. There are readily available aloe juice in the market which can be used on daily bases.

Different Teas:

There are different teas like Turmeric, Lemongrass in the market which help detoxifying your body, but avoid using laxative teas like senna. Dandelion root and green tea these two teas are very good for health. They have anti-oxidant properties in it. Dandelion root tea can be used to improve liver & gallbladder health. Studies have found that green tea lowers the bad cholesterol like LDL and improves the overall gut health.

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