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Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar


In the natural health community Apple Cider Vinegar has always been popular but in recent time people are more inclined towards it because of its obvious health benefits such as weight loss, beautiful skin, healthy hair, lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels etc.

Beauty experts also swear by its end number of benefits. Also beauty industry would see a potential growth of products having Apple Cider Vinegar in it.

I have put together some of the uses of Apple Cider Vinegar in your daily lives as follows.

Weight-loss Potion:

There are plenty of weight-loss stories and myths that are literally floating around us and people are confused as which one to adept. The bottom line is to get fast metabolism. ACV aids in getting rid of access fat because of its acetic acid which may suppress fat accumulation, on top of it, it is fermented apple juice with good bacteria which proves beneficial to our gut.

Fights Bad Breath :

Apple Cider Vinegar fights bad breath and gets rid of bad bacteria in the mouth and it is all natural way! Just take two table spoon of ACV and add it in half cup of water gargle with this solution and you are good to go!

Excess Body Sweating:

For people who are suffering from excessive body sweating, ACV can come to rescue. Take a spoonful of ACV and mix it with two spoons of water, dab a cotton pad with this solution to your armpits and let it dry and wipe it with wet wipes.

Keeps Dandruff Away:

Saloon bought anti-dandruff sprays are costly but with Apple Cider Vinegar you can achieve the same result, all you have to do is mix equal amount of water and ACV to a spray bottle and spritz it on to the scalp and let it sit for 15 – 20 minutes & wash it off with a mild shampoo.

For Spotless Skin:

Apple Cider Vinegar can do wonders to your skin. It not only reduces the dark spots but also helps in keeping the tanning & clogged pores at bay. Beta-carotene helps counter the damage to the skin & it helps in restoring the proper pH balance of the skin. Dab a cotton pad with ACV on face & let it be for 10 minutes and rinse off the face with cold water Or wipe the face with wet wipes.

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