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The Birth of Brand Care

Ban Labs is already an established name in Ayurvedic medicines. We firmly believe that the 3000-years-old Veda (Science) can be used to give new Ayus (Life) and vigour to any consumer by bringing the medicinal benefits of these herbs into people’s daily use and practice through natural beverages. This idea led to the birth of CARE – A Health & Wellness brand providing healthy beverages infused with pure Ayurvedic Herbs. We have designed balanced ayurvedic recipes with authentic herbs with due CARE for Positive Health and Wellness.

An Ayurvedic Signature Blend, “CARE”

To compose our unique signature blends, we hand-select our 100% Organic Green Tea leaves, Ayurvedic herbs, fruits and flowers and put them in the right proportion. Of course, we have our thoughts on how every signature blend we created has its own ‘purpose’ to help people obtain their optimal health by balancing tridosha, also called energies – Vatta (governing the movement of mind and body), Pitta (governing metabolism), and Kapha (governing the body structure and holding everything together).
Care variants are well prepared after careful research, keeping in mind the Ayurvedic doshas and the benefits derived from the selected herbs.

Innovation in Taste & Format

Most green tea products currently available in the market are bitter-tasting. CARE tea is different not just in its pleasant taste, but also in terms of the multiple health benefits that it packs.
Lastly, after studying modern-day consumer’s tea-drinking habits, we evolved two variants, namely 2in1 Hibiscus & Red Melon Green Tea and 2in1 Japanese Matcha Green Tea in dual-formats, i.e. these can be enjoyed both as a hot and a cold beverage (Iced tea). This was undoubtedly a new innovation – offering a traditionally hot beverage (green tea) as a cool refreshing drink.

The Promise of Quality

We are committed to maintaining the highest quality in all our products. ‘This is achieved through due diligence checks at every stage across our supply chain – from procurement to delivery. Every product is subject to scrutiny by a team of experts in the field of Ayurveda and Tea making industry.
We are constantly researching new herbs and blends in our effort to bring the best of a traditional science to today’s consumers.
We do all this and more, because at Ban Labs, WE CARE FOR YOU!

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