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2in1 Hibiscus & Red Melon Green Tea

Hibiscus and Red Melon 2in1 (Hot or Iced) Green Tea is a refreshing Iced tea with benefits of organic green tea extracts and Hibiscus –Anti oxidant effect. Hibiscus by virtue of being rich in Vitamin C extends advantage in Hibiscus tea to improve immunity, protect against common cold and sore throat. It has anti-inflammatory properties and a good tonic for liver.

2in1 Hibiscus & Red Melon Green Tea

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Ready in just 2 steps, Care Hibiscus and Red melon 2 in 1 (Hot or Iced) Green Tea is a great refreshing choice

Hibiscus is also known to check sugar levels, blood pressure and is full of minerals and flavonoid advantage is also the best nightcap. Red Persian melon is a fine tasting rarely encountered flavor of Persian cantaloupe blended with natural organic green tea & Hibiscus extract, taste it to know more.

Herbal Green Tea

Effective Herbs


Super Drink with touch of Ayurveda

Lowers Cholesterol
Cholesterol present in the body can lead to permanent damage to the blood vessels. Hibiscus has some nutritional properties which help a great deal in reducing the levels of bad cholesterol.

Better Digestion
Hibiscus is used as an effective agent to encourage digestion. Regular consumption of hibiscus extracts helps in regularizing bowel movements and help proper urination.

Support to Build Immunity
Care Hibiscus & Red Melon Green Tea is the safeguard of the body against potential viruses and sickness. Therefore it is used to enhance your immune system by De-stressing the body and mind.

Weight Management
Losing weight without having to compromise too much on the diet is a challenge. Hibiscus lowers the absorption of sugar and starch in the body, making sure that these elements don’t add to the weight heavily.

Good Tonic for Lever
Our Ayurvedic Green Tea is rich in antioxidants, which can be great to avoid various liver problems. These antioxidants help in neutralizing the moving radicals present in the tissues and cells of the liver.

Keep Your Age Secret
Hibiscus green tea in your regular diet can do the trick in fighting the common signs of aging on your skin. The antioxidants present in hibiscus help in effectively keeping wrinkles at bay.

Directions - Lets Start !
Two in one Formula to Refresh Yourself


Empty the Sachet in a Glass

Add 150ml Chilled or Hot Water

Stir and enjoy Hibiscus Green Tea


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