Acidinol Tablet

Conrtols hyperacidity, dyspepsia, GERD or gastro Intestinal Reflux Disease, & Flatulence.

Hyperacidity can lead to many complications like heartburn, gastric or peptic ulcers if not checked in time. Modern sedentary life style, work pressure, stress and faulty or irregular dietary habits can contribute to exaggerated symptoms and uneasiness. Such discomfort can cause sleeplessness, abdominal heaviness and it also affects daily routine and responsibilities and can cause concern by influencing the restlessness like in a cardiac condition. Acidinol tablet is  easy to carry natural ingredients formulation containing 9 herbomineral ingredients including the well-known Avipattikar Churna the classical preparation for controlling hyperacidity as per recommendation in Ayurvedic text books.

Easy to carry Acidinol tablet is fortified with best quality selected herbs found effective in both short term and long term therapy.

Avipattikar Churna the classical preparation for controlling hyperacidity, heartburn, gastric or peptic ulcers along with Khatika churna is promptly controls distressing symptoms as per recommendation in Ayurvedic text books.

Javakhara kshar immediately gives prompt relief and neutralizes acid balance and also reduces surface tension of gas bubbles for prompt expelling of gas and relieve bloating.

Yashtimadhu known for regularizing oral and acidic secretions and prevention of excessive secretions

Kadva Parval is a powerful anti-oxidant and synergistic to regularize the functional integrity of body systems

Amla is therapeutic ingredient which has detoxifying property. Amla is also well known digestive and appetite stimulant and offer lasting improvement in structural and functional integrity of our body.

Draksha stimulates appetite and regulates dietary juices and enzymes by correcting structural deficiencies of cells

Dhaniya supports digestion and strengthens the digestive tract for desired metabolism

Acidinol Syrup is formulated for prompt relief and long lasting effectiveness in indications such as hyperacidity, flatulence, gastritis, dyspepsia, peptic ulcer, gastroesophageal reflux (GERD) or reflux esophagitis. Acidinol tablet is a safe and effective remedy with selected herbs and processed for best therapeutic efficacy and it can be used in all age groups. No side effects or after effects are reported with use of Acidinol tablets. It is available in poly packs of 100 tablets and six such packs in a transparent plastic Jar Pack  and poly pack can be easily carried.


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