Calcurosin Caplet

For Renal Calculi in delayed lithotrpsy due to diabetes, helps in breakdown of stones and also in removal of calculi.

Renal calculi also known commonly as stones are one of the most common disorders. Stones can develop from crystals. These may have a combination of constituents. Common are Calcium Phosphate, Calcium Oxalate, Uric acid and Magnesium Ammonium Phosphate. Stone formation can be considered a natural process in the human body or in later age of lifespan. Consumption of hard underground water and high mineral containing food items may lead to chances of stone formation in kidney and affect the urinary tract.


When stone surgery or lithotripsy is delayed in patient with Diabetes, Hypertension or Anaemia and in case of recurrent infection after surgery, to overcome such condition an ideal drug of choice is Calcurosin caplet & Syrup as a dual therapy. Clinically proven Calcurosin is Lithotryptic that helps in breakdown of stones. Calcurosin syrup is Alkaliser and diuretic, helps in complete removal of renal calculi and also prevents further recurrence.


Hazrul Yahud Bhasma or calcined lime silicate is an Ayurvedic medicine used for kidney stones, dysuria, in the management of urolithiasis and renal colic. Hajrul yahood bhasma as an ingredient in multidrug formulations are used for urolithiasis or the treatment of kidney stones since ancient times mainly among the traditional medicine like Ayurveda.


Pashanbhed is a lithotropic and diuretic drug and is used for treating renal calculi problems, Pashanbhed is recommended for breaking up calculi and painful micturition. Pashanbhed has laxative, abortifacient, and cooling properties. Pashanbhed is used for treating urinary discharges, renal and vesicular calculi, bladder disease, excessive frequent urge with burning micturition,

Daru-haldi & Palash is used in the treatment of kidney stones, glycosuria, nephritis, dysuria, and anuria. It improves healthy kidney functions and support in breaking of kidney stones is also used for anti-septic anti-bacterial properties.

Talamkhana is a good tonic to give strength to the entire urinary tract by improving the structural integrity of the renal excretory system and enable normal function

Shuddh Shilajeet is a well-known and potent ingredient for improving the functional integrity of entire genito-urinary system in body

Yavakshar, Mulikshar and Tankankhar are included for maintaining the ideal pH of urine for urolithiasis in renal stones and pain during micturition and also support in flushing of stone particles in urine.


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Indication / usage:
•Renal calculi Urolithiasis
•Smooth Diuretic
•Urinary tract infections and pain with inflammation
•Burning micturition
Clinical Reference:

The effect of Calcurosin regimen on urolithiasis and other urological disorders by Dr. S. Dattatreya Rao and Dr. T. Vijaya. The study proves that the regimen is good choice of treatment in common urological complains like urolithiasis pain and burning micturition.