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Charm & Glow Neem Karanj & Lemon Shampoo

Charm and Glow Neem Karanj and Lemon Shampoo 

A Family Shampoo…..

Charm & Glow Neem Karanj & Lemon Shampoo

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Known Issue

We have known that synthetic chemical based shampoos become an addiction as they may show instant results but are potentially harmful for hair in the long run as they damage the core constitution of hair health for the reason, that synthetic chemicals carry a harsh treatment on hair thereby leaving hair frizzy and lusterless or totally lifeless in looks and strength.


We would therefore agree that in hair care we must vote for Mother Nature as our first choice for taking care of our hair through the ancient science of Ayurveda. Our range of Charm & Glow Neem Karanj & lemon shampoos with a judicious combination of effective herbs as basic ingredients make your hair shiny, long, strong at the roots and healthy for the most beautiful look ever appreciated in your circles.


Effective Herbs


Healthy Beautiful Hair !!

In our pursuit for perfection and get the best for our health we irrespective of our age, gender or race, strive for looks all the way caring for healthy beautiful hair. To achieve perfection, we set and follow goals that ensure timely washing, lathering cleansing and finally conditioning our hair, a routine that we all follow religiously. In all this we sometimes miss the most vital and priceless function.

Our responsibility to choose the perfect shampoo that will get us best results, improve hair health and make hair long and strong with new growth. This becomes sometimes cumbersome but once we do it, we understand that Charm & Glow range of Neem Karanj & Lemon shampoo is a natural yet therapeutic choice and a solution to our search of the most effective shampoo.


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