Crux Cough Syrup

Crux Cough Syrup

Tough on Cough… Naturally…!!!

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Common Problem

Cough is one of the most common problem for all ages.

Cough is one of the most common problems for all ages. Cough is a reflex mechanism of our body. Cough can be dry or wet. In dry cough, there is no exudates and only frequent coughing. It can be due to infections too. Many cough syrups are available in the market to come accompanied by a lot of side effects. Some may cause drowsiness and some cause sleeplessness, others may cause addiction and some may cause constipation, while some may not be safe for children and senior age group persons




Avoid the side effects of modern Cough Syrups




Usage / Indication

  • Enriched with benefits of Tulsi, Adusa, Yashtimadhu and Phudina
  • Offers mucolytic and expectorant properties
  • Potent anti-allertic, anti-microbial and immuno-modulator properties
  • Effective in spasmodic cough (URTI)
  • Safe for pediatrics and pregnant lady
  • Dry, wet & spasmodic cough
  • Bronchitis, laryngitis & pharyngitis
  • Respiratory tract infection & cough in asthma
  • Facilitates expulsion of sputum

How to Use ?



8-10 ml, three times a day


8-10 ml, three times a day


Bottle in carton pack of 100 ml

Vital Ingrediants

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