Relieves dryness, checks cracked heels, cuts, wounds, skin rash, chilblains and fortified with Jatyadi oil and Vipadikar Malam.

Due to excessive dryness, skin loses softness and leads to cracks and cuts. CUTFAR ointment is a unique combination blended with Jatyadi oil and Vipadikahar Malam gives high occlusive effect, it regenerates and creates layer on the skin which results in to smooth and supple skin. CUTFAR is especially useful in persons suffering from peripheral dry skin conditions due to any reason or extreme cold winter season and or dry climates.



Jatyadi Oil: is a herbal oil containing many herbs like neem karanj patola manjishtha, lodhra, kutki, daruhaldi, haritaki, sariva and tuthya. It is antiseptic, anti-bacterial, promotes tissue repair process. It has soothing and emollient action.

Vipadikahar Malham: Vipadikahar malam RSSPS contains Boric acid, Salicylic acid and Lanoline as described in book (Rastantra Sara Siddha Prayog -II -485).
Boric acid is a topical, bacteriostatic, and fungi static agent.
Salicylic acid is a keratolytic agent that dissolves the intracellular matrix and softens the stratum corneum, thereby enhancing the shedding of scales.
Lanoline has occlusive properties thus Vipadikahar malham has keratolytic, humectant and skin softening activity. It also promotes tissue repair process an enhance healing.



•Cracked Heels
•Skin Rash
•Cuts & Wounds