Charm & Glow De-Tan Facial Kit

Charm & Glow De-tan Facial Kit helps to repair the damage done by harmful UV sun rays,
lightens blemishes, removes dead cells, leaves skin clear radiant.

Charm & Glow De-tan Facial Kit contains natural actives that help repair skin damage caused by harmful UV rays, lightens blemishes (dark spots) and removes dead cells. This facial deeply moisturizes the skin, evens skin tone and imparts radiant glow.



• After a session of de-tan, it becomes for our skin to remove a layer of our skin. It lets our skin pores breathe and retain its nourishment.
• It also helps some people deal with their acne.
• Most importantly, it helps people get their original skin tone back and this develops a confidence in them.
• It also helps the skin gain a natural and fresh look.
Simple 5 Steps of Facial
Detox Power Cleansing Gel
Apply Detox Power Cleansing Gel gently all over the face with upward & outward movement. Do not scrub, let it stay for a while, Wipe off with moist cotton pad or rinse with water and pat dry.
Double Charge De-Tan Scrub
Moisten face & neck. Apply Double Charge De-Tan Scrub with wet finger tips, massage gently. Rinse well, pat dry & feel the difference.
Intense Repair Massage Cream
Wash face with luke warm water. Massage gently in upward & downward strokes. Leave it for few minutes. Rinse it off.
De-Tan Recharge Mask
Spread a thick layer of face pack through the face & neck area, avoiding the area around eyes. Leave it for 10-15 minutes or till dry. Rinse it off. Irritation may occur due to penetration in pores.
Face Polish De-Tan Cream
Apply Face Polish De-Tan Cream on the face in upward & outward circular motions.