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Herbal Care for Healthy Liver


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Livex Syrup

MRP: 68.00110.00

Inclusive of All Taxes
  • 100 ML
  • 200 ML


LIVEX SYRUP is a comprehensive Liver protective, corrective & regenerative preparation to normalize the Liver parameter test in case of different liver disorders. It is a proven medicine for treating anorexia and liver malnutrition. Livex fights toxins and ensure overall growth with a strong hepatic protection. Enriched with time tested & trusted herbs. The antioxidant activity of Livex prevents the loss of functional integrity of the cell membrane and ensures early restoration of hepatic functions in infective hepatitis. As a daily health supplement Livex improves appetite, digestion, assimilation processes and promotes weight gain. Useful in the prevention and treatment of viral hepatitis, jaundice, poor appetite, malnutrition, pre-cirrhotic conditions and early cirrhosis.



Dosage / Usage

Dosage :
Adults     : 5-10 ml 3 times a day
Children : 2.5 – 5 ml 3 times a day
or as directed by the physician

Presentation :
In carton pack of 100 ml and 200 ml

  • Promotes appetite and weight gain
  • Regenerate liver cells
  • Infective hepatitis
  • Protects liver from toxins
  • Liver protective in chronic alcohol consumption


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