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Ovarin Caplet

Ovarin Caplet

A Boon to Womanhood

NOTE:“The information provided on this page is not intended to substitute any advice from a registered medical practitioner. Please do not use this advice for self-medication, diagnosis, treatment or substitution of a prescribed medicine. This product is being sold to you under the assumption that you have been prescribed this medicine by a registered medical practitioner. You must abide and follow advice given by a registered medical practitioner”

Ovarin Caplet

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Women enjoy a higher emotional quotient and may be prone to some internal medical conditions that are unique to them. Starting from puberty and until menopause their physiological health gets affected in the presence of diverse challenges whether it is irregularity of menses or bouts of spasmodic pain and emotional distress experienced in reproductive phase or premenstrual syndrome or after mood changes after menopause. In between unexplained infertility cases that are more often observed day to day, due to imbalance in hormonal secretions all such conditions in a woman’s health require careful medical support.



Ovarin caplets are formulated for multiple gynecological or female reproductive organ disorders. Ovarin caplet is specially meant to treat various women’s health parameters and also the unexplained infertility. Ovarin caplet is a rich combination of Ayurvedic compounds and micro minerals for health of intricate uterine organs.


Vital Ingredients


Dosage / Usage

Dosage :
One caplet three times a day or as directed by physician

Presentation :
Box of 10 Blister Strips of 10 Caplets each

  • Uterine Tonic
  • Unique non-hormonal, herbo-mineral with goodness of Ashoka and Lodhra
  • Balances hormonal secretion
  • Creates intrauterine environment conductive to nidation and full term gestation
  • Increases chance of conception in unexplained fertility and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)
  • Tones and nourishes reproductive system
  • Devoid of side effects of synthetic drugs

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