Pavitra Caplet

Pavitra Goumutra caplet is a pure and quality product that has all the benefits of the Goumutra.


Immunity booster

Pavitra Goumutra caplet is useful as detoxifier, cleanser and digestive aid. Pavitra Goumutra caplets may serve as a good rejuvenator that enhances immunity of body and protects body from infections.


Dosage / Indication

Dosage :
1-2 caplet two times a day or as directed by the physician

Presentation : 
In pack of 60 caplets.

  • Kustha (Skin disease)
  • Kandu (Itching)
  • Krmi roga (Worm infestation)
  • Svitra Kustha (Lucoderma)
  • Pandu (Anaemia)
  • Udara roga (Diseases of the abdomen)
  • Arsa (Piles)
  • Anaha (Constipation)
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