Rhue Caplet

For rhumatoid and osteo arthritis, joint pain and inflammation, It nourishes joints, adds strength, reduces pain and is non steroidal hence safe.

Rheumatoid and Osteoarthritis is a condition wherein the inflammatory process is triggered and maintained by multiple factors operating simultaneously, therefore, it becomes imperative to design the therapeutic options to address these trigger factors in a synergistic fashion as per the modern science. RHUE Caplet is a balanced combination of anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antioxidant, digestive and nutritive therapy which may clear this problem from the root of cause.


In Ayurveda, arthritis is linked to the gut. Due to irregular food habits, weakened digestive fire (Agni), or disturbed dosha equilibrium, toxins (Ama) are formed in the gut which affects the joints and soft tissues resulting in inflammatory and obstructive processes. For long-term results however, such treatments must be part of an integrative approach combining diet and nutritional changes, detoxification, and therapeutic exercise.


Ingredients (Main)


Ashwagandha is a multipurpose herb well known to strengthen the body physically and ease arthritis symptoms. Both the ancient Ayurvedic manuscripts and modern scientific research consider it the best remedy for Rheumatoid Arthritis (Amavata) and Osteoarthritis (Sandhi-gata Vata). A natural alternative to conventional arthritis treatments is Ashwagandha. It is considered a pain reliever that acts on the nervous system to prevent pain signals from being sent. It’s also thought to have some anti-inflammatory properties Ashwagandha, a powerful herb used in Indian Ayurvedic medicine, is known for its immune-boosting and restorative benefits.


Ashwagandha is an important Ayurvedic rasayana a rejuvenating tonic that enhances longevity, and may be used over a long period of time without side effects. Ayurveda texts have shown Ashwagandha to relieve the pain of rheumatoid and osteoarthritis. When Rhue caplet was given to a group of patients for a period of four weeks, more than half of them experienced pain relief. Some of these patients were completely free of pain and swelling after the herbal treatment.


Shallaki Guggul is used with great success to treat patients with osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and psoriatic arthritis. It has produced improvements in intermittent lameness, localized pain, and stiff gait. This herb is unrivaled as a treatment for osteoarthritis. There are many Ayurvedic herbs that address ongoing, excess inflammation. Among this is Salai Guggul, that is known to ease the pain of osteoarthritis & rheumatoid arthritis.


Maharasnadi Kwath is mainly indicated for diseases of musculoskeletal system, it mainly acts on bone, joints, muscles and nerves. It provides relief from pain swelling inflammation and stiffness. It is highly beneficial in arthritis, gout, sciatica, backache and paralytic disorders. It is alterative and neuroprotective.

Yograj Guggulu contains guggulu, the resin from the guggul plant (Commiphora mukul)It is the single largest ingredient in this formulation. Yograj Guggulu itself  is a formulation made with 28 herbs. It has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties and is used to tackle problems like arthritis, sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome and fibromyalgia. It fights inflammation boosts production of serotonin, works as a painkiller, expel toxins and strengthen the musculoskeletal system

Giloy in Rhue caplet is known to boost immunity and improve digestion for better health, and is said to relax and strengthen the muscles for normal function. It also helps during acute or chronic arthritis.

Harsingar, Nagod, Methi, lahsun, Punarnava, Gokhru, Pushkar and Gandhprasarini are other contributing compound herbs which potentiate the analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect in Rhue caplet


Bala, Padmakashth, Chandrasur, Devdar and Bodi Ajamo are also included to improve the synergy and make Rhue caplet a comprehensive therapeutic choice for best results in acute or chronic arthritis and musculo-skeletal disorders.


NOTE:“The information provided on this page is not intended to substitute any advice from a registered medical practitioner. Please do not use this advice for self-medication, diagnosis, treatment or substitution of a prescribed medicine. This product is being sold to you under the assumption that you have been prescribed this medicine by a registered medical practitioner. You must abide and follow advice given by a registered medical practitioner”

• Useful in Sandhishula (Joint pain)
• Sandhisotha (Joint inflammation)
• Aamvata (Osteo & rheumatoid arthritis)