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Rhue Plaster (Warm)

Rhue Plaster (Warm)

It is a powerful formula of 5 herbals to provide efficacious pain relief in an easy to use plaster form. The anti-inflammatory herbs and pain-relieving oils penetrate deep into the source of pain to provide powerful pain relief. Thus Rhue Plast – Warm is a must-have in your house to ease minor aches such as back pain, muscle pain and joint pain. It is also the perfect ally for active sports enthusiasts that occasionally suffer from minor aches, sprains, strains and muscular pain.

Rhue Plaster (Warm)

MRP: 200.00

Inclusive of All Taxes


For relief in pain due to

  • Muscular sprain & strain
  • Backache
  • Swelling of joints
  • Joint pain
  • Other similar conditions

Effective Herbs

Directions - Lets Start !
How to Use


Clean the part to be treated with soap and water and then dry the skin thoroughly

Remove the protective film from plaster

Apply the plaster with gentle pressure and smooth until it conforms to the shape of the body

Cut when necessary to size and shape required

To remove the plaster, loosen one corner and take away in quick jerks

If required, moisten the plaster with spirit for easier removal


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