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With the advent of technology, the world of dental care is filled with products that enhance the overall well-being of oral health. As such, several leading dental care products have come up with the best range of Ayurvedic toothpastes. There is no denying the natural and everlasting benefits of an Ayurvedic dental medication.


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The leading toothpaste brand True Dent aims at harnessing the benefits of the ancient science of Ayurveda to deliver the best in-class range of toothpastes. Disorders of gums & teeth are common due to excess carbohydrates, sweets, chocolates, cola drink, less time spent on mouth cleansing etc. Fast pace lifestyle of present day has increased oral problems, as person devotes less time for routine care. True Dent protects teeth, strengthens gums & freshens breath.

True Dent the herbal toothpaste by Ban labs comes as a perfect blend of 14 essential Ayurvedic herbs which have been tested over generations. True Dent offers LASTING FRESHNESS: One can kick-start the day with the cleansing touch of nature! True Dent Toothpaste provides long-lasting freshness and prevents bad breath through the active   ingredients Pudina, Dalchini and Laung present in it.

  • Enriched with powerful gum protective effect of Baval and Borsali
  • Acts as anti bacterial against periodontal pathogens
  • Reduces painful sensitivity to hot,cold,sweet,sour and touch

True Dent offers best ORAL CARE SOLUTION. True Dent Toothpaste is effective against bleeding & swollen gums, toothache, sensitive teeth, mouth ulcer, tooth decay, spots on teeth and discoloration, bad breath, pyorrhea and loose gums & teeth

True Dent offers STRONGER, WHITER, HEALTHIER Teeth and Gums. Enriched with the goodness of Maulsari, Khair, Manjistha, Vjradanti, Dalchini, Haritaki, Laung, Pudina, Sarpunkha, , Babool, Akkalkara, Irimedadi, Majuphal, and Lodhra in True Dent Toothpaste makes sure that you smile with renewed confidence every moment.



  • Gives maximum cavity and gum protection
  • Enhances whiteness and shine of teeth
  • Offers long lasting fresh breath


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