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Viton ’99’ Syrup
A Power pack Herbal Vitalizer and Tonic


NOTE:“The information provided on this page is not intended to substitute any advice from a registered medical practitioner. Please do not use this advice for self-medication, diagnosis, treatment or substitution of a prescribed medicine. This product is being sold to you under the assumption that you have been prescribed this medicine by a registered medical practitioner. You must abide and follow advice given by a registered medical practitioner”

Viton 99 Syrup

MRP: 105.00

Inclusive of All Taxes
  • 200 ML

Rejuvenative Property

There are various medical plants described in Ayurveda which are useful in anorexia, debility & fatigue. Viton'99' Syrup is a balanced nutritional formula containing 14 different herbal rejuvenator which offers natural multivitamins, minerals & antioxidants. Moreover Vition'99' is non-alcoholic appetizer, non-habit forming and non-addictive with excellent taste. Viton'99' syrup is specially designed as a complete natural anti-oxidant and immunity booster and reduces free radical damages. Viton'99’ helps to improve psychological functions. Being a living homeostatic herbal nutrient complex, it offers best absorption & assimilation rate.

Vital Ingredients


Stay Strong, Live Healthy

  • Uniquely designed with rejuvenative property of Ashwagandha and Majith
  • Gives energy by stimulating cellular metabolism
  • Stimulates appetite and promotes weight gain
  • Promotes better nutrition during Pregnancy and lactation
  • Nutritive and restorative general tonic
  • Clinically proven tonic for all ages




8 to 10 ml three times a day


5 ml three times a day or as directed by the physician


In carton pack of 200 ml


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