The Beauty Buffet : Ingredients that Your Skin & Hair Love!


We all have to face the fact that we use makeup to hide or conceal problematic or uneven skin. If you are doing the same you might need to re-valuate your priorities for choosing right ingredient for your skin & Hair.

  • Honey
  • Rice
  • Acai Berries
  • Spirulina
  • Chia Seeds

The first step towards skin care is feeding your skin with some super-foods, No-way we’re not putting you on any diet but yes! We are going to include these ingredients in your skin’s diet. I recommend you to look for these or one of these ingredients in your skin care products which suits best for your skin requirement. Read on and find out your skin soulmate.

1) Honey:

Honey doesn’t just go well with your health shakes & Yoga Bars, It is full of anti-oxidants and friendly enzymes. It moisturizes your skin and cleans clogged pores and lightens the skin being natural bleaching agent. It is anti inflammatory so can be worked on redness and skin irritation.

2) Rice :

Rice is little heavy on stomach but rice water is miraculous for skin. Rice water was used by women of eastern Asia in ancient time for their beautiful complexions. It is also believed that those women also bathed in the left over water from cooking rice. Rice makes natural toner, brightening and cleansing skin & its useful for hair too. So it is totally a yes to products having goodness of rice in it.

3) Acai Berries:

Acai Berries are almost as good as blue berries, and it doesn’t leave any alphabet if we talk about vitamins. It moisturizes the skin, repair damaged tissues and good for acne and aging. It is full of omega 3 and anti-oxidants to daunt away free radicals.

4) Spirulina :

This Green color plant grows in ocean and green in color is the purest form of protein you can find. Spirulina has goodness of aquatic anti-oxidants & chlorophyll which helps to get rid of toxins. It has iron, beta carotene and vitamin B so we can call it a magic ingredient for vegetarians.

5) Chia Seeds:

One of the super-foods enriched with anti-oxidants, Vitamin-E and magnesium. It keeps headache, fatigue and stress at bay. It has amino acids and fatty acids which make it wonderful for skin and hair when taken internally and be used externally too. So next time when you’re offered falooda with loads of chia seeds say yes to it !

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